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I'm Don Andersen from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada and it's -4F as I type this note. Lots of time of build rods in a 6 month winter. First bamboo fly rod was acquired in 1958 and lasted a while, then I chased glass rods and graphite rods and came back to cane in 1978 or so. Have built >150 rods over the years. Do 2 to 15/year depending on what else in life is going on.

The best part about cane rods is every day it's a new challenge. When you finally think you've got it figured out, things go wrong and there is always something new to learn. As there are few folks out in the hinterlands, most everything I did had @ some point was a dead end. There was no one of ask. Still, I got rods made, fished the hell outta them and have had a great time.

I have met a whole sack of wonderful people over the years @ the Corbett Lake gathering in Merritt BC.

I joined this list way back when and learn new things all the time from the folks that reside here.

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