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My name is Bill Bixler and I am 63 years old and live with my wife Phyllis and my Golden Retreiver puppy (6 mos old) Brady in Elkton Md. I have a son 33 who resides with his wife Megan in Boston MA. I work as an internal auditor for  PJM Interconnection which is headquarters of the electric grid for the Mid Atlantic states.

I started out fly fishing as a replacement for golf which I de-emphasized due to the stench which was known as "my game". I still golf, just not as often. My initial foray into fly fishing started out as many others with gra*****e rods. Around 2000 my dad had an old Montague rod which he no longer used and he gave it to me to try out. At that point the interest in bamboo was born. I bought the Wayne C and George M books, placed my first order with the Demarests and the rest is history. I discovered and joined "the list" in 2002. I manage to turn out 1 - 2 rods per year and I hope to increase that number as I look forward to my pending retirement about 2 years down the road.

I wish to welcome all the newer members to the list and I hope you find it as much fun as I have.

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