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I have been lurking on the list for about two months shortly after discovering the Tips web site. I am a real novice to rod building having assembled only two graphite rods. The first was a challenge, the second was not so I began to look into bamboo and was fascinated with the idea of designing and making your own blanks. I am about a month away from actually beginning the rod making process. I recently completed a Penrose style planing form (he left out a very important material - ibuprofen) and just completed a McAnulty designed oven. The next project will be a 4 string binder. Then some practice on cheap culms (which I think I can find locally) before I get serious.

By way of personal background - I am originally from Chicago but have lived in Southern California for the past 20 years. After spending 30 years in corporate life, I began a second career as a college professor and am now getting ready to retire.

I began fly fishing when I was 12 and diligently practiced casting in my back yard but then discovered girls and hung up the fly rod for the next 50 years.  I rediscovered the thrill 5 years ago then began to tie flies, furl leaders, build graphite rods and now bamboo. I guess I am hooked.

In reading about bamboo rod building, by far the most well written and easiest to understand is the series of articles in GFF by Harry Boyd. It was his instructions that took most of the mystery out of the process and made me believe I could do it. Thanks Harry.

Generosity in sharing information seems to be a hallmark of the fly fishing community and especially of the bamboo rod building fraternity. I look forward to joining it.

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