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Hello Gents!  Mike St. Clair (the one in Riverside) called me the "oldest newbie" on the list - heck, I've only been doing this for about three years.  The best part is I owe it all to my wife for surprising me with my first culm and an instructional DVD from GW Christmas 2006.  Three years and several $K later I have just about all the toys I need to build cane rods, and with the help of my youngest son I now have a new 10'x12' dedicated shop w/ HD radio - call it Key Kane Rods World Headquarters (HQ for short).  Because my wife got me started down this path she has never questioned me about all the UPS and FedEx trucks that stop in front of our house - she's a gem.  With lots of hand holding by my master - Tony from Flippin - (who as many of you have come to learn has the patients and kindness of Job),  I have finished 15 rods for family, friends, and even a few clients.  For my 60 birthday, which happened to coincide with my retirement from 37 years in education, my wife presented me with a MHM (not even sure how she knew what one was), so now I have another mentor in Mike from Riverside, who is helping me learn how to make integrated bamboo ferrules.  Of course the ideas and knowledge exchanged on this list have been helpful in filling in blanks - at least most of the time - and constantly presents new ideas.  The best part is that I don't have to remember everything on my own, because you guys are like Google when it comes to getting answers to my questions.  Thanks!

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