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I missed the first round of this email string. I am one of the many builders that started by buying a $5 bamboo rod at a flea market in my NW Missouri hometown. I spent 20 years and 4 moves before I figured out how to fix a delaminated tip section.

Some 20 years later and living in Jefferson City, Missouri - through a work collegue I met Bill Lamberson and was introduced to the art of building. I am very grateful to Bill for his help and patience in answering newbie questions. Bill has been very generous with his time - as many of you are on this list.

I made my own steel forms 2 years ago (thanks to Tom Smithwick for getting me over the hump of figuring out the rough forms)- made 3 rods on them and upgraded to a MHM. I build nodeless rods. My favorite is a Penta version of a Winston 8052 that I have played with a little to make it a 6 wt. I have built Youngs, Winston and Fink rods mostly in 5-6 wt and for friends and my family.

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