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OK, I'm catching up.  Out of town on business latter part of the week and just got home from a day of Christmas shopping in Atlanta, and found 297 emails!  Walking around the malls today was a real challenge. I bumped the corner of the kitchen island last nite with the little toe and it is probably broken. Called my doctor, who lives just down the street and he said not to worry much, it would hurt whether broken or not, so just take it easy.  He was right ! Did more sitting than walking. The amazing thing is that much of the bruising and swelling that was there this morning is now gone !

I'm Carey Mitchell and I live in Dalton GA, just south of Chattanooga, and just west of the mountains. Just turned 65, and have worked in carpet manufacturing for the past 40 years. Background is chemistry and business. Still working as technical director for the world's largest carpet manufacturer, and plan to work at least until age 70, having too much fun to stop.

Been fly fishing since the age of 10, when grandpa gave me an old HI. Had no line so I put beeswax on some of the old black casting line to stiffen it (did not understand that it was weight and not stiffness that mattered) and started casting. Someday I will learn to cast right.  Later, an uncle gave me a nice SB.  Actually, I started with bamboo even earlier in the form of cane poles.

Fished all over this end of GA and TN. Spent most of my time in my 30's and 40's on streams in the Cohutta Wilderness; now I mostly fish the  Hiwassee in TN, as the wife goes nuts when I head into the wilderness alone.

I, too, have far too many hobbies that interfere with fishing related activities. Woodworking takes more of my time for some reason. Got my forms and some other tools made 6 or 7 years ago. The forms didn't work right, as in my former very tiny shop, i didn't have room to properly support the steel while drilling and got some holes a little off kilter. Have the steel to make another set, but cannot seem to get to it. Maybe this winter, after the next 3 wood projects.   

Have met a couple of the listers, Mark Wendt and Terry Kirkpatrick. Have tried to make the Townsend gathering several times but it seems to come just when I am stuck with some weekend business travel that I cannot miss.

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