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I am Tom Mohr, currently I am chairman of the physical therapy program at the University of North Dakota.  I am 61 yrs. old and have been fishing as long as I can remember.  Did some competitive bass fishing for a number of years and then got hooked on fly fishing for trout after my wife and I visited Yellowstone Park about 10 years ago.  We decided it would be better to be standing in the water than driving on the roads stopping for every buffalo behind a half mile of tourists.

I became interested in bamboo rod building while on one of our summer trips to Yellowstone.  I was visiting with a guy from Colorado who was fishing with bamboo (I was using graphite) and he was telling me that he made his own rods.  I got in the car with my wife, and as we drove away I told her that I was going to try and make a bamboo rod.  I bought some books, signed up for this list serve (which has been invaluable) along with a couple of other list serves.  The rest is history.  I have been building rods for about 6 years.   I make 3 or 4 a year, most go to family and friends.  I don’t sell them, but have given a couple away in trade for some great pheasant hunting trips.

My wife and I love to fly fish.  We spend a few weeks every summer in Montana or Wyoming.  We also horseback ride and upland bird hunt.  I have been a woodworker for many years and so rod building is an extension of that.  I also tie flies, make bass lures, play a little guitar and do some home remodeling.  I haven’t run across anyone in North Dakota who makes bamboo rods, but certainly would be interested in getting together with any rod builders if they ever make the trek up this way.

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