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I am not really a new name on this list since I have been making bamboo rods for about 10 years.  I stumbled on this list while doing searches on the Internet for anything about bamboo rods.  My interest was started when I read an article in Fly Fisherman magazine about Paul Hightower who had worked for Phillipson in Denver.  Since I was doing some work in Denver at Denver General Hospital, I had a free weekend and went out to a local Fly Shop called Bob's Tackle where Paul was working part time making bamboo blanks.  I spent 2 or 3 hours talking to Paul and saw some of the equipment that he had from Phillipson and using to make some blanks.  I ended up buying 2 blanks from him and that is how I got into the bamboo world.  After finding the Rodmakers list which made me aware of the SRG meeting at Mountain Home that I first attended in 1999 and have been to everyone since.  At that time we were lucky to have Wayne Cattanach coming down from Michigan giving free lessons on how to make bamboo rods.  He did this for about 3 years and during this time I started to make my planing forms, heat gun oven and other tools to make rods.  During this time I got a lot of help from Wayne, Harry, Bob, Tony and others with answers to problems that I was running into.

Over the years there are many others who have helped me including the SRG group that I would like to thank for their help.

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