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I’ve been around here since at least 2002 (that’s as far back as my emails and memory go). The bug bit after I bought a couple blanks off Ebay and built them out. Then the downhill slide began with making my own. After collecting all the equipment I finally have built 10 rods in my spare time. I am a research scientist with the USGS and that kept me kind of busy the last few years. However, I recently moved to WNC (Asheville area) and will officially retire on March 31, after which I plan to focus a bit more on fishing and rodmaking (in that order).  I now have plenty of room in my double garage for a shop so no more excuses on getting things set up in a permanent fashion. This is just a hobby thing for me so no pressure to make a living at it.

Now that I’m a few hundred miles closer, maybe I’ll make it to Arkansas or a least the spring gathering in the Smokies (Townsend this year?). I’ve learned a lot from guys like Tony Spezio and Harry Boyd, plus what not to do from Bob Nunley’s misadventures. This group has been a wealth of information and it really is great how even the guys who are trying to make a living at it are so willing to share their trade secrets with us dilettantes.

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