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What can I tell you about me?

My name is Timothy Troester and I love fly fishing. I am proud that I make bamboo fly rods. Completing a fly rod was one more big lesson in my life. When I first started making rods and before I had completed my first rod I knew I was in over my head. There was that day when I knew that I was never going to get a rod built. I had invested money and time and a career. Stalling was my only temporary solution. So I did the the next thing in my big project then I did the next thing, then the next. The short version is that the day came when I had a completed rod (that was about 12 years ago). It was many rods before I could get my head around the idea of building rods. i just knew I needed to do the next step. I remember a difficult interview. This dissection I was suffering thru was not going well. The guy finally asked me if I really thought I could do this job. I said, "Yes!" He asked me how I knew I could do this job. I said flat out, honestly, "I make bamboo flyrods. I can do anything." The interviewer looked stunned and then said, "Tell me about building bamboo flyrods."  I got the job.  I repeated that often within earshot of my young son and when he stubbled what he said to himself was, " I can not do this but I can do the next thing." He has accomplished much in his life.

I suppose that's what you would need to know about me. If it has no value I'm not going to spend my time doing it.  Sometimes you need to seek meaning but I hate spinning my wheels for nothing.

I can roll cast. I like to roll cast. I can teach you to roll cast and would love you to give me a little time if you are struggling with roll casting. The roll cast is the most important and usable cast in the arsenal of casts.

I am a brook trout fisherman. If you wonder why I would spent my time chasing those midgets or think that that is an excuse for being an unsuccessful big fish fisherman, keep believing it. I can still find isolated brook trout water.

I grew up in Southern Illinois fishing worms for bluegill with my father. At some point I saw a fella flyfishing and went for my dad. I said that's what I want to do. We did not have much money but my dad went to Montgomery Wards after work and talked to a fella in sporting goods and bought me everything I needed to get started.  He and my mother talked about it. My dad thought this was of value.

I love fly fishing. come and see me sometime. Let's go fishing.

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