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Hi my name is Gary Williams, I have not posted  much at all as I often feel intimidated by all the years and years of knowledge here. I've been hanging around for the past 4-5 years listening and learning. I was in the defense business for 30+ years building submarines in SE Connecticut. I first got interested in fly fishing back in the 70s my first rod was an Orvis Battenkill which I still have. Over the years I got more and more interested in the history and the art of making rods. I gathered and collected a good library of references, gathered all the tools needed and even more that were probably too advanced for me but figured I would grow into them and I slowly am. Working on my 3rd. I hope this winter to make 4-5 but well see. You guys Harry Brett, Tony and all have been very helpful and informative to me and I thank you all.

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