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Almost, nearly poked a hole in the a$$ on my shoulders the other night. My shop (laundry room) is a little tight (narrow) so when straightening strips and checking, sighting down it. For one end I can sight down and look towards the window, when working the kink out of the other end, it's easier to turn, face the door and sight down the strip. Know where this is going? The door opens in, good thing I wear glasses. Daughter came in to get her basketball uniform out of the dryer while sighting for straightness.  (Pete Van Schaack)

    YIKES. Made my hair stand on end and eyes go all watery. Forget 'extreme' rodmaking this borders on 'near-fatal' rodmaking.

    To look at it from another angle (excuse the double entendre) maybe next time you could move all your daughters clothing into your shop, line up some corks with a completed section and....

    Forget it, stupid idea.... (Steve Dugmore)

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