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So I built this great 7’ 6” 4 wt rod for a customer, looks great! Wheat colored cane, clear wraps - brown trim wraps, dark brown wraps at signature and ferrules, blued hardware, titanium snake guides, Burl rosewood mortised reel seat. This is just a beautiful rod. I email the customer to tell him I am ready to ship and how does he want me to send it?

So here’s the clincher ----------- as I’m figuring out the final bill something doesn’t add up! Oh @&$^!!!!! He wanted a 3 piece rod not a 2 piece rod!!!!!!! Called the customer to tell him I screwed up and will get right on his rod. What a numb nut am I? Back to the drawing board. I wish I could say this was my first mistake, but as I used to tell guys working for me in the Body shops, “the only way not too make mistakes is too not do anything!”  (Frustrated Joe Arguello)

    Here's one to soothe you guys on mistakes.  I work with a guy at a offshore lure store and we have rod builders. This guy who happens to think he is the greatest thing of all time, misspelled the name submitted to the rodmaker and ten very expensive rods have to be sent back and have the name fixed. I mean a five figure order botched. LOL (Geremy Hebert)

    Look at the bright side Joe, just think how happy the next guy that orders a 7 1/2' 4 wt will be when he finds out there won't be any waiting time.  (Will Price)



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