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OK, time to throw my hat into the ring...

I got some beautiful Claro Walnut from a friend of mine and decided to use it for reel seat inserts. I was using my table saw to rough out some 1 x 4 inch blanks. Things were going along beautifully; the pieces were coming out straight and square and everything. I got a little lazy on the last piece and didn't push it all the way through the blade and off of the table like I had the other pieces, and I didn't turn off the saw immediately like I usually do. Well, the piece vibrated around the table and right back into the blade where it caught the blade and shot out of there like a baseball out of a pitching machine. Darn thing whacked me right in the lip and nearly cut straight through to my teeth. To make matters worse I was home alone that day and had to drive myself to the hospital which was a chore on its own because I have a 1966 Ford truck with a column shifter and a dead starter which meant that I had to push start the thing, change gears and drive  all with one hand  while  I  held a bloody t-shirt over the cut. Seven stitches and tetanus shot later I drove home and then made up lies to my girlfriend about wearing eye protection. The reel seats came out beautifully, though.  (Bill Felter)

    Yep, You're going to qualify for the award. Like Larry said the other day. Stitches, blood, emergency room. Heck, you covered at least half the criteria for his list. No one promised that the learning curve would be free of bumps, bruises and pitfalls.  (Will Price)

      Plus, I would vote style points for (1) push starting the truck, (2) knowing how to push start the truck in this day and age (3) driving and shifting with one hand while holding a compress to the cut, and (4) fibbing about the entire experience!

      This one is a no-brainer, almost to the point where one could easily imagine it being made up as a feeble, unknowing attempt to compete with Nunley.  :)   (Larry Blan)

        While you are at it, Please turn the knife so the edge is pointing  away from you.. the next blood might be when you gash your hand..

        Pardon me but, using a knife when there are 27000 other ways to spit  cane that work better is not a no brainer, but brainless. I don't  mean you, I mean the people that suggest that others use that method.   (Jerry Foster)

    Ouch!  That musta really hurt!  So, yer sayin' you've tried a different kinda stain on the wood?  Bill, blood wood is available through your local exotic hardwood dealer.  (Mark Wendt)

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