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The male ferrule wouldn't come off.  Oh the glue had given way and it would slip about an inch, but then it just froze.   No further.

Well It was going to come off, darn it!  Question was, how?  I didn't want to screw up the  bamboo or the  ferrule if I could help it.  That left out the vice grips.

I finally wrapped the section in masking tape, just above the ferrule and put it in a small vice.   Now the ferrule.   I wrapped it in masking tape and grabbed a hand drill. Put the Chuck on the ferrule and started pulling.

Nothing.   Need a little convincing here.   Looked at the hand drill.  It's one of the larger Stanley drills with the bulb handle across from the crank.

I figured pull on the main handle and pop the little side handle with the heel of my hand.

Did I mention that the gears behind the chuck stick out about 1/4 inch?

Well they do.   And they're sharp.   It's why I keep Band-Aids in my workroom.

I now look like I was bit in the web of my hand by a very very small vampire!

Finally got the ferrule lose and reglued with the help of a rubber mallet.  I didn't check to see if the mallet has any scars...  (Terry Kirkpatrick)

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