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I cut my fingers to shreds because I didn't follow my own advise and wear at least one glove.   I didn't notice it until I started seeing blood on the forms. Nothing serious.  At least I did keep the Band-Aids handy.   Other than that one cut, they weren't anything serious.  Just a lot of little cuts across my finger tips, that didn't go deep enough to bleed. 

So... my rod building is coming along!!!  (Terry Kirkpatrick)

    Congrats!! Well I've cut the @#$^%^U&* out of my fingers as well.  Haven't had the misfortune of a blown node, but I did manage to snap the tips off of a couple roughed out strips, now building a 6'er.

    Worst part about the bleeding is the stinging for a couple of days like a paper cut.  (Pete Van Schaack)

      I used to cut my fingers to bleeding, like you did, and indeed it is very uncomfortable. I used to come to the office every Monday with cut up fingertips, since most rod building activity takes place during the week end. I still don't wear gloves, but now, after almost 30 rods, i never cut up my fingers anymore... I don't do anything special. I think unconsciously my fingers know what to do no stay out of trouble.  (Geert Poorteman)

    Welcome to the club. I am currently building my first rod. In the beginning I practiced with some grade b culms.......lots of%$$^&& out of my mouth until I learned not to run my finger over a section. The best part is when your eating hot wings!!!! It stings the %$@& out of you!!! One tip to those of you eating wings.....If you decide to have relations with your significant other, wash your hands real good!!!!!!! Ouch!!!  (Bill Tagye)

      If you're really good, you don't need to use your hands...  ;^}  I'm a long time Buffalo wings fanatic, having grown up near Buffalo (Niagara County Bob, not Erie County...) and some of the sauces I've made up will definitely make ya sweat!  I remember making up some wings for a Monday Night football game a long time ago.  Got all the wings deep fried, made up the sauce, dropped the wings in the sauce bucket, and dumped 'em out on a plate.  I then proceeded to use the, er, uh, mens room.  Unbeknownst to me, I'd somehow gotten some hot sauce on my hands...  Wooooowooooooo!!!!!   (Mark Wendt)

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