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I finally tracked down a source for an adhesive that I used while in the Navy working on helicopters. I knew this stuff was toxic but I also remember it having some really neat properties that might work well on rods.

I had to buy a case of the stuff at $40 a pint! I gave some to Dave Collyer and Doug Borer 

I opened a can and began the first tests on some cane strips. This stuffs really seems to work well for my application. Dave and I had some fun destroying glued up bamboo strips and inspecting them under the microscope.

Over the next few days my eyes start to really bother me. I thought with spring arriving I was just experiencing some allergy suffering. Then my eyes really swelled up and actually started bleeding and flaking. I ended up at the Doctors office where he flushed out my eyes, and gave me some cream and special eye drops to use. He said I had severe chemical burns on my eyes and I was lucky I didn't blind myself. I had only mixed up two small test batches at this point.  

My wife is always telling me to open the shop windows and turn on the air filter and ventilation in the shop but I hardly ever listen. Well my eyes are now healing and I will need a new stronger prescription for reading glasses. I will ensure that the shop is well ventilated the next time I glue up. I might even start wearing chemical safety goggles. I had to get a pair of these when I started experimenting with sulfuric, hydrochloric and nitric acids (none of those caused me any harm....yet)!  (Jeff Fultz)

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