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I finished gluing the sections of an eight foot three piece rod based on a Payne 102 taper. Before I go further, I would appreciate some help. I looked in the archives and found the cutting the sections to length process explained by Harry. He said.

When cutting three piece rods, I find it simplest to cut the tip sections first. Cut off an excess from the tip end, then glue on the tiptop with hot melt or another temporary adhesive.  Then fit the ferrule, and make sure the length is exactly right, say 32.45" for an 8 foot rod.

1. With a three piece rod, do you take the sum of the two male ferrule slides and divide it equally among the three sections to get the section lengths? Not to mention the other thicknesses,  end cap, etc.

2. Should full length ferrules be used or truncated ferrules or one of each?

I think that is it for now. Any help will be appreciated. The two piece 102 that I made is a great casting rod. I hope this will be somewhat similar.   (Ron Revelle)

    For an 8' 0", 3 piece rod my records show 32 17/32" length for each section.  With the rod fully assembled this works out to 8' 1/32".   I tape a gauge or reference block to my planing form at the 32 17/32" point and use this to support, cut and fit each section to length.  I always do the mid section first because there is no room for adjustment after the ferrules are installed.  The butt can be measured with the same gauge block by adjusting the reel seat to the desired length.  Do the same with the tips with the tip guide loosely installed.  Measure the tip guide overhang with the depth gage end of your calipers.  This is the amount to cut off to have the tip the same length as the other two sections.

    Oh, and don't forget to slip the grip check onto the butt section before you glue the female ferrule.  The welt on the female ferrule is often larger in diameter than the check, preventing installation later.  (Ted Knott)

      I've noticed this phenomenon too.  (Neil Savage)

      I sent my section calculator Excel worksheet to Ron.  It makes easy work of 2 and 3-piece configurations.  If anyone wants it, email me.  Jerry Young was going to put the worksheet on Rodmakers, but I was slow in getting him an update, so I'm not sure it happened.  (Jerry Madigan)


The  formula  for  cutting to   length of   the two   sections of  a two-piecer is "Half the length of the female slide deducted from the nominal butt length, and the same added to the nominal length of the tip."



Now will someone whose brain has not yet gone into rot mode please tell me the equivalent rule for a 3-piece rod, please before I go crazy.

I would have sworn the details were in The Reed, but have gone over and over and cannot find the bit.  Perhaps they were in Cattanach's book.......

I have enough little pieces of paper here with logical geometric analyses of the problem to wallpaper the Great Wall of China, but no single answer to the problem.  (Peter McKean)

    Let's use a concrete example.  Rod is an 8' 3 piece with size 16 and size 11 ferrules.  Each section will be 32" plus one-half the combined lengths of the two male slides on the ferrules.

    The male slide on a size 16 ferrule is, say .9".    The male slide on a size 11 ferrule is, say .6"

           .9" + .6" = 1.5"

    Divide in half.... .75"  Therefore, each section will be 32.75"

    Now, how to proceed with the cutting.... First, install tip tops.  Measure tips for total length of 32.75".  Record the flat to flat dimensions before cutting excess material at the ferrule end, and install male ferrules.    Find the corresponding dimension on the tip end of the mid, and use that as the location for the female mid ferrule.  Before cutting the mid for the female, make sure you have at least 32" below that point.  Install female ferrule on the mid.    Measure the mid with the female ferrule installed to a point that makes the total length 32.75"  Cut and install male ferrule.  Record the flat to  flat dimensions.

    Use the flat to flat dimensions from the mid-male as a guideline for where to install the butt section female ferrule.  Again, check to be sure you have 32" below that.  Install female butt ferrule.  Cut butt section to 32.75" after the reel seat cap is dry-fitted.  (Harry Boyd)

      I think that my Excel worksheet is still at the Rodmakers site.  That will make quick work of it.  (Jerry Madigan)

        I concur with Jerry.  Thanks to his spreadsheet, which I've used numerous times, I've never had a problem with calculations.  Plug the numbers and go.

        Thanks again Jerry.  (Ron Elder)


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