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I'm starting to rough out for another rod and something that an "Expert" rodmaker once told me has come back to haunt me. He claims that placing strips that were next to each other in a culm, opposite each other in a rod, reduces the likelihood of sets. Has anyone heard this before and/or tested it out, to see if it helps?  (Bill Walters)

    That was the basic assumption of the Powell Rod Company. By so doing the long sweeps particularly are in opposition.  I try t do this in my rods, but sometimes because of laziness or bad luck or gremlins, it does not always happen.  But I think it more important than node placement.  However, proper node placement is necessary as well.  (Ralph Moon)

    There was a rodbuilder here in the northwest by the name of Dawn Holbrook who advocated placing the strips in the fashion you describe. The claim was that it obviated the necessity for straightening except at the nodes.  (Ray Gould)


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