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What rate do you let the varnish drip at when dripping rods. Also, how long do you stop at the guides and things?  (Mark Bolan)

    I withdraw at 1.1 inches per minute with warm Interlux Schooner at full strength and do not  stop at any guides except the stripper.  I have an automatic off switch, so I don't need to hang around while I am dipping.  (Chris Lucker)

    I drain about 4" a minuet. Watch the walls of the tube, as long as the varnish in not running away from itself on the tube wall, I find I get a good finish. How long do you stop at the guides, well it depends on how long it takes the film in the guide to break, After it breaks I usually wait about a minute or so to let that drain. Keep the varnish level to just below the guide till the film breaks then wait the minuet or so, Drain to the bottom of the wrap and wait about a minuet. Give it time to drain, if not there will be a run below the wrap. Do the same at the signature and decorative wraps. You  want to stop at each wrap above and below the guide. If this sounds like an overkill it is better to spend a little time than try to fix a run.  (Tony Spezio)

    I am far too lazy  for 4"/minute. So it is may nature to do things as easy as possible, sometimes though I end up just causing myself trouble. In the drip tube case though draining super slow has worked well for me. For the first 2 runs I drain the varnish about 4"/minute with no guides on, dry, sand, wrap and finish wraps with varnish. I then put the sections back into the tube and open the valve to a literal drip. I then go inside and eat dinner and watch some TV. It drains so slow no stopping is required and I do not have to watch it. When done I clean up the mess, open both ends of the tube and place a CLEAN sock over the both ends to allow for air to pass through the tube. I take it out in a day or so and Presto, no drips and the finish is perfect.  (Adam Vigil)

      I have done this but was not really satisfied with the results. Both times I had a small run below the stripper. I guess the varnish did not drain fast enough from the stripper after the film broke. That was when I was able to put a gallon can under the drain. With my set up now I really can't go off and leave it. My tube takes 1 1/2 quarts. Where I am using the drain tube now I have to use a qt can to catch the draining varnish. When the qt can is full I need to put a second qt can under the drain or I would have one big mess. I do most all varnishing and fill the wraps before I use the drain tube. I only do one coat with the guides on. The beauty of all of this is we do what works for us and share it.  (Tony Spezio)

      I use the drip method and it's great. No dust to worry about , just leave the sucker in there until it's dry.  (Mark Dyba)

    When I designed my drip tube, it was mainly because of low ceilings in our rented apartment. Another problem I was trying to solve was keeping the varnish smell down. (Not for me - I love the smell.) Because the materials were free, I made my tank from large diameter copper pipe, bushings, ball valves, and plastic hose. Connected hose to small plastic gas can (you can drill and tap the plastic plug on the gas can, screw in a brass nipple and connect your hose to that with a clamp) Then I filled can with varnish and raised and lowered the gas can and used the ball valves to adjust the rate of flow. I just had an 1/8" hole in the top of the tank to let air in and out. I could varnish a three piece rod at one time, and just leave them in there. Heated the whole thing with two 100 watt light  bulbs in a cardboard box. When it wasn't being used, I kept the tank and can full with my extra varnish.

    I now have high ceilings and no longer use the drip tank - I like the control and visual thrill of dipping. And the wonderful smell of varnish fumes.  (Willis Reed)


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