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In Amateur Rodmaking, Perry Frazer recommends the following treatment for the inevitable cut.

"Dip the injured finger at once into shellac, then into sawdust. By this treatment bleeding will be checked, and inflammation will not set in to spoil your work for a week."

This must  be the  early  form of  "where is  that tube  of Superglue?"  (Larry Blan)

    Is that white shellac or orange shellac, and should the sawdust be bamboo shavings or is it OK to use greenheart sawdust?  Seriously  I am about to try it.  (Ralph Moon)

      It should make a heck of a disinfectant!  It's nothing but bug juice and Alcohol!!!  (and I'll bet it's the old orange flake shellac mixed with alcohol, Ralph, and yes, Wild Turkey 101 will work if you're out of Denatured Alcohol).

      On the other hand, I do keep a quart jar of Coal Oil in my cabinet. Cures moles, holes and colds... best stuff ever invented for a bamboo cut! I don't know if it's the Coal Oil itself or the sprig of Juniper that's in it... The Juniper does give it a sort of a Gin smell (although, considering my opinion of Gin, I'm sure the Coal Oil tastes MUCH better).  (Bob Nunley)


I have a new tip for Todd.  Bamboo as you all know is very sharp.  If by chance you do get a cut, Perry Frazier recommends that you stick the finger in shellac then in sawdust.  He claims it will get you back to the bench faster.  (Ralph Moon)

    Well, sometimes my fingers do feel like they're made of wood.  (Neil Savage)




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