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Did some one use U-40 rod bond for gluing ferrules on the blank? Does it work?  (Olaf Kundrus)

    I've used it on 6 rods, but three were done last winter. The others have been fished hard, but not for too long. What I like: not brittle when set, seems to last forever in the jar, not picky about proportions and can be released by boiling temperature; experience gained from reel seats, not ferrules. I take care to rough the inside of the ferrules with a diamond burr on a Dremel tool and to use pliers to gently squeeze indentations into the blank so that the glue has something to really hang onto on both surfaces.  (Henry Mitchell)

    Been Using Rod Bond on the recommendation of an old time list member, M-D, since rod #1.  Have not had an accidental deferruling yet, over 5 years, warm or cold weather fishing.  (Mark Wendt)

    I use rod bond for ferrules. I have a close fit and really rough up the inside of the ferrules before gluing. I try to scratch ridges inside the bonding surface so the rod bond has a good "grip" on the ferrule and bamboo. Just my experience - Murphy's Law will probably show up one of these days - lets hope not.  (Frank Paul)

      Almost all the glues made for ferruling and epoxies should work but I should think that a tight fit of the metal to cane is the trick regardless of what you use.

      I tried some Ferrule-Tite (used to fit arrows and heads) a few times. Had one failure on a rod so decided to remove the other two as well and go back to what I'd been using namely Epon. After almost incinerating the other two sections attempting to remove the ferrules decided if it was that hard to get them off it must be OK. The reason the one that did come off it was nothing like as close a fit as the others when dry. (Tony Young)

        I think that glue failure is because the ferrule was not clean before gluing (always is a dangerous word isn't it?).  (Dave Norling)


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