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I have been experimenting with using a paste epoxy (Rod Bond) to glue up strips. My first test consisted of using the epoxy to glue some non-tapered 60 degree scrap strips. After a 24 hour cure, I started to do some destructive testing. I first placed one end of the section in my bench vise and grabbed the other end with a pair of vise grips. I was amazed that I could twist the short 10" section about 90 degrees with no failure. I then bent the section back an forth about 25 degrees each way and again no failure. My last test was to heat the section as if I was doing some final straightening and as suspected the strips came apart. It took a bit of heat, more than a rod would normally be subjected too in standard conditions (outside of straightening). I wonder if I glued the sections with the paste epoxy and ensured that they were straight before final curing, would my bond last.

I am looking for a way to impart a stiffer feel to a rod. I am trying to make a smaller diameter rod with a nice quick action. I have tried many glues,  but have  not found  exactly what I'm looking for. (Jeff Fultz)

    Do you think that Resorcinol results in a stiffer action? (Steve Weiss)

      Yes I do think Resorcinol makes a stiffer action rod, but for blonde rods, I do not like the purple lines. I have used URAC and I think it also provides a stiffer feel but the short shelf life and the need to carefully measure steers me to look for something simpler. I don't mind the exact measuring myself, but when I need one of my employees to mix up some adhesive, I'd rather have something very simple and easy. (Jeff Fultz)


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