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What do you guys recommend for polishing the inside of ferrules?  (Don Schneider)

    Metal to metal or metal to bamboo?  (Mike Shay)

      I didn't make myself clear. Metal to metal.  (Don Schneider)

        Before I start the fitting process, I polish the inside of the female with Perfect It II rubbing compound on a Q-tip, and that's what I use on the males to finish  fitting them. It seems to help reduce friction caused burrs inside the females. If I do get burrs, then I take them off with 2,000 wet/dry, wrapped around the correct size piece of brass tubing, then polish with the rubbing compound.  (John Channer)

        I remember MD posting his technique which I thought was great (though I haven't tried it).  He used a small wood dowel with a slot cut in the end. Into the slot he would insert a narrow piece of 2000 grit paper. The dowel was considerably smaller than the inside of the female ferrule. He would chuck the female ferrule in his lathe and the dowel in his tail stock, and lap the inside of the female with this setup. Always sounded like a good idea to me.  (Mike Shay)

          That is what I do with the 6/0 sheet steel wool. Works fine, bought the laps and Clover lapping compound because I just wanted them. Will see if they do any better.  (Tony Spezio)

          Although I haven't tried it, I think crocus cloth polishes better than #2000 paper.  (Ted Knott)

    I have been using 0000 steel wool and then a little piece of 6/0 steel pad on the end of dowel.  I just bought some laps and Clover lapping compound. Have not tried it yet. Will be making a ferrule for an old junker in a week or so. Will know more about how it goes then.  (Tony Spezio)


Today while working on a rod I decided to polish out the ferrules (which I've never done before) - always just installed as I got them.

So I found a tube of that automotive chrome polish "Blue Magic" and put a drop on a rag - folded it over the male ferrule and rolled the cane over my pant  leg for about 10 seconds to spin the ferrule.  Wow. Polished that ferrule up like chrome.  That was way too easy!

Anyway - polished up the male and actually did a quick cleaning of the inside of the female. Definitely improved the feel of the fit. Nice pop as well.  (John Silveira)


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