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For those that are using Aluminum for rod components are you a anodizing them?  What happens if you do not?  I am looking to make some Aluminum reel seats simple sliding band like Orvis and was wanting to know they would last untreated.  (Pete Lawrence)

    No I am not anodizing them. It seems if you choose the right alloy, corrosion is not as big a concern as it was 10-20 years ago. There are some tradeoffs. There is an Aluminum alloy - 4032, which has silicon  (the metal - not silicone the oil) and nickel in it,  which the specs say does not require anodizing. I have tried it, and it does make an acceptable ferrule. 4032 just doesn't have the "slick" feeling that 6262 has when putting together a rod and taking it apart. On the other hand, I have not had corrosion problems with 6262. The specs on it says it has "good" corrosion resistance. I have no idea what "good" means, not knowing what they compare it to. 4032 is listed as "excellent" corrosion resistance.

    If I was making a reel seat and I was concerned about corrosion I would use 4032 alloy. Reel seats do not have the friction fit that a ferrule has.  (Darryl Hayashida)

    Several commercial companies in the 1950's & 60's made Aluminum Ferrules for Glass Rods, most I have seen were anodized Gold, Red, Green or Clear...

    They also had a rubber "O" Ring about 1/2 to 2/3rds down the male slide...

    Truncated Ferrules are another option and work great on trout rods.  (Dave Collyer)

      I used a pair once with the rubber O-ring on the male slide.  Unfortunately that is a weak point and that lower portion broke off.  Did not make my day.  (Ralph Moon)


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