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I am refinishing an old 8'6" 3 piece rod, it had a stainless steel locking reel seat which came of fairly easy, under the metal is a wood spacer which will not come off. My question is what is the standard size hole for a reel seat / insert? I want to remove enough of this spacer as to slide a new wood reel seat on.  (Pete Van Schaack)

    Depends from whom you buy the spacer, but .375 is probably it. With some places you can always get them to custom bore one for you.  (Martin-Darrell)


Just wondering about the commonly used sizes of reel seat hardware and inserts.  The standard diameter for most rods is about .687 or so, but then there's the smaller size of around .650.  When do most of you decide to go to the smaller size; i.e., at what length and line weight?  Maybe some of you never change the size and use the standard for all?  (Bob Brockett)

    I don't go to a smaller size unless it's a special order. The 687 works great for me, and my feeling is that the smaller diameter reel seats just look LONG on a rod... even a light short rod.  (Bob Nunley)


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