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Does anyone know how to make 3/4 - 16 threads that are shallower than the American Std Thread - the objective being easier to cut?   Also,  what size threads are you using on reel seats and do you use taps and dies?  (Dennis Bertram)

    I use 18 TPI.  Don't ask me why.  I picked it out of a hat.  I chop the end of the thread cutter so the threads are not v bottomed.  I use the lathe and cut the inside groove with a boring tool with a 1/8" square bit sharpened to 60 degrees.  Outside cutting bit is 60 degrees.  I don't finish to 100% thread.  When I have 70%-80% thread I stop cutting.  I turn the  threads on the sleeve first and test fit the nut as I make it.  When it will just fit, I quit.  (Onis Cogburn)

    I do all the threading on the lathe. I use 16 TPI and completed  the process the same as Oris on the lathe using a slightly rounded 60° point bit.  (Don Schneider)


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