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Anyone using the Bellinger roughing and tapering beveler sold by Golden Witch (not the Dickerson style beveler)?  I'm looking for opinions on how well it works, especially how well it does at tapering, its ease of use (setting up, feeding ease or difficulty, accuracy), etc. really any comments, positive or negative.

I saw first hand one of older Bellinger roughing bevelers (not a tapering beveler) and it was extremely difficult to push a strip through, you really needed to have two people to get the strip through. I've heard that improvements have been subsequently made to make pushing strips through much easier.  (Bob Williams)

    I use the old style Bellinger Roughing beveller and have been very happy with it. You must however work with strips no larger than 5/16" thick, preferably 1/4" otherwise the strip does not push through. I have always ran the beveller solo and have never had a problem.  (Marty DeSapio)

    Of course I use one.  I don't use the tapering attachment much, but next time your up in Boiling Springs you can stop by if you want and try it for yourself.

    In response to your complaint about difficulty pushing strips through that the cutters were probably getting dull and that's why it was difficult.  The Bellinger machine is awesome.  (Bill Taylor)


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