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What is a recommended bevel depth for butts and for tips using a Medved Beveler?  (Kyle Druey)

    On my Medved beveler, using the squaring table, one full turn of the adjusting screw = 1/16" vertical change.  I filed a slot in 1/2 of the adjusting knob and put some White Out correction liquid in the slot to make it easier to keep track of where the knob is.  One full turn for each pass of a strip has worked for me.  When the beveling table is being used, I go 1/2 turn per pass.  (John Long)

    I've just started using a Medved Beveler, and on the first two rods I went to .040" over the largest one-half diameter for the butt sections, and .060" over for tips. Worked okay for me.

    I take off about 1/32" per cut as well.  If you split fairly closely, it takes about 5-6 passes through the machine.  (Harry Boyd)


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