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I just finished building a Medved Beveler and I am pleased with the results.  However, like any router based system, it does provide a whole bunch of dust.  Has anyone come up with an arrangement for connecting a vacuum hose to it?  (Don Bugg)

    This is what I did. Using a shop vac I took the small floor attachment. Placed it behind the outgoing hold down wheel. I then made sure clearance was okay all the way around for the wheels cane etc. I drilled a hole through the neck of the attachment and then mounted it to the face plate with a bolt. You are able then to run your shop vac hose into the attachment and presto your vacuum hook up is up and running. One thing though with the router and vacuum running some earplugs sure come in handy.  (Adam Vigil)

    You can do this the easy way or the hard way.  That is, you can just get an 1 1/2" reducer for your shop vac and stuff it into the "slot" between the Lexan shield and the body of the beveler (on the right-hand side).  Fix this in place with good ol' duct tape, and you're good to go.  This was my solution, and I find no need to improve upon it.

    Or, you can go "high-tech" and bore a hole to the right of the router (as you face it) that will accommodate an 1 1/2" tube of some sort.  The tube would open out adjacent to the router bit, and its body would extend back alongside the router itself (provided your box has room enough).  Attach your shop vac to this and hit the switch.

    Neither of these applications will outperform the other. It's just a matter of satisfying your soul (and mine, as Tom Smithwick would be quick to point out, sometimes has all the finesse of a warthog).  (Bill Harms)

    I have a dust collection unit that has a 4" diameter hose.  I took a section of 4" tin duct and smashed it a little, to fit between the Plexiglas and plate.  Used a tin strap to hold that in place and using an elbow, I attached it to the hose.  Kinda ugly but gives the beveler the appearance of being steam driven.  (Tim Wilhelm)

    My approach on the dust/splinter collector was to build an overall shield of acrylic that slides over the top of the holddown plate and closes off the ends as well, leaving about an inch of clearance on each side, then attaching an outlet and vacuum hose above the router on the backside. That way I can see what's going on all the time. Works pretty good, it sucks all the debris straight up and out.  (Randy Zimmerman)


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