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I've seen some commentary on the Homier lathes in the archives - how has the experience been? Are these lathes performing well?

Inquiring minds want to know...(Chris Spurrell)

    I've had mine for around 6 months, so far no problems, but like aluminum ferrules and aluminum is a lot easier to machine than NS.  (Darryl Hayashida)

    I have one as my second lathe. I use it more than I do my 9X20. Nicer lathe than some of the other 7X12 I have seen. Runout was almost perfect out of the box.  (Tony Spezio)


Are any of you using a Taig lathe for your rod work?

I've  found  that  Taig  makes  a  spindle  with  a  larger  thru-bore (.593) and I was wondering if any of the Taig lathe has any problems or limitations for our craft.  Any comments are most welcome.  (Paul Julius)

    I don’t use a Taig but my lathe has a 3/4” spindle bore and that even has its limitations when making reel seat hardware.  I don’t think I’d go under a 3/4” bore if I had to replace what I have, I’d like to have a 1” bore to be honest.  If you don’t plan on making reel seat hardware the Taig’s bore should be fine at just a shade over 1/2”.  (Mike Monsos)

    I'm not familiar with that spindle, is it the WW one?  If so, it will only take WW collets, not a chuck or other attachments that screw on the spindle.  That said, my Taig is bored out to a bit over .500, but it wasn't done by Taig, and the gentleman who did it has since passed away.  I lost the smallest (high speed) pulley sheave, and can't use collets or any other thing that relied on the spindle cone.  If you use a chuck and tailstock, you should be able to turn most anything within the size capabilities of the lathe.  (Neil Savage)

    I use a Taig.  It's nice but has limitations.  I use it to turn ferrule stations, shape grips and make reel seat inserts.  I've also used to make parts for some of my tools.  Got mine from Bogeman, may he RIP.  Sure wish there were more out there like him to deal with.  One of these days I'll graduate to bigger machine.    (Brian Smith)

    I took mine to a machine shop to have the headstock spindle bored out.  Surprised when the fellow immediately said 'Oh, you have a Taig you want bored out".  Cost was only $12 and it works fine.  (Carey Mitchell)

    I have a Taig, but I have yet to make any ferrules or metal reel seat components with it.  I have turned metal on it for other projects, and it does it's job.  I have also used it to turn my bamboo blanks for ferrule fitting, and I have done LOTS of wood projects with it including wood spacers for reel seats.   It does those things quite well.  I would certainly love to have a more full-sized lathe, but I'd say that the Taig is a very workable lathe for the price.  (Tyler Beard)


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