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A safety measure to cutting culms on a table saw is to mount some type of spreader so the culm's edges are spread after being cut and will not close and bind on the saw blade. Chalk it up to learning a lesson the hard way.

Also vital is a pair of $6 rubber gloves specifically designed for handling sharp glass and metal and available at any OSH. These are the only gloves I've found that bamboo will not cut through and are worth their weight in gold.

I also warn folks in my household when I'm about to use bevelers, table saws, lathes and other types of potentially dangerous power tools. I ask that they refrain from coming in the shop until I'm finished.  This started when I was surprised a few times by someone standing behind me without me knowing it due to all the noise. This can very dangerous to yourself and them be surprised like that.  I would add that they might consider  checking on you if there is a long period of silence and I have a habit of emerging from the shop beaming proudly or cursing loudly about how the project went. This also lets them know the coast is clear.

As that Sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say..."Hey, Be Careful Out There."  (Chris Wohlford the Ultimate Bamboo Fly Rod Library)


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