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How to never have a glue line again.

It seems no matter how careful you are  a glue line may appear on a rod after it is glued up. Well here is a method I  have come up with that will enable you to make sure a glue line does not haunt  you again.  The first step is make sure your equipment is fine tuned. Make sure  you have each strip numbered 1-6 in their appropriate order within the blank.  Now once your strips are within .005" of being finished take them to the binder  and bind them. One run through the binder is all that is needed. Examine each  joint from end to end. If a glue line appears mark it with a pencil and draw an  arrow pointing to the joint. This will make sure you do not get which side of  the strip needs correction. Be sure to do this on both sides of the offending  strips. Repeat this process for each joint. Now mark on a piece of paper which  splines had the glue line 1 and 6, 4 and 5 etc. Unwrap the blank. Take the 2  offending strips and lay them in your form. Find the marked area of the glue  line.

Now!  Slide the strip against one another and determine which strip  actually is causing a glue line to exist. It may only be on one strip or both.  If you slide the strip up to another location while in contact with its  neighboring strip the glue line will either move or disappears. One of the strips  will always cause a glue line against a flat portion of another strip. Once you  figure which is the offending strip place it it the form and gently use a  scraper or plane to even up the area. Check it again for a glue line with the  other strip. Once all glue line have been treated and corrected you are ready to  carefully finish planing to final dimensions. This procedure may be repeat as  many times a necessary.   (Adam Vigil)


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