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I started planing a strip and had a tear out at a node.   Not that unusual if it's time to sharpen the blade.   So I started working on the tear out.  I usually am able to fix problems like this by sharpening the blade or going to my next plane which is for fine work.   This one refused to be fixed.  No matter what I did it hung in there.  It's like the node was splintered all the way to the center and each time a plane would pass over it, it would grab the edge and pull away.    It eventually gave up and so did I.  I'm now working up a new strip.   (Terry Kirkpatrick)

    Did you try planing it in the opposite direction?  (Pete Van Schaack)

    I seldom get any tear outs but if I see one starting, I file the area so it is lower than the surface of the strip. The plane blade passed over the low area and will not pick up the bamboo there.. I also found is I "cock" the blade at an angle to the strip over that area, It will help. We each have our own way of correcting this problem, this is how I do mine.  (Tony Spezio)

    I'm convinced an occasional "part" just does not want to be part of a rod and you just have to move on to one that does.

    The first thing I do after heat straightening a strip is grab my Simonds 10" Flat 2nd file and smooth the node.  File to the enamel or in extreme cases I will have to heat and compress nodes using a vise and then file.  Once this is done I will  lightly file perpendicular to the entire enamel side of a strip and help flatten that curve just a bit ... but not so much to get into those power fibers.  This allows the enamel side of the strip to lie flat in the form, becomes more stable and planing is just easier for me.

    When planing the enamel side I make doubly sure my plane blade is scary sharp and since I usually work with 4 planes at a time I save my finishing plane just for this work.  Having those nodes flush to the enamel helps a lot and I can't remember my last node tear since doing it this way.  (Doug Alexander)

    Wait till you go through all the strips and find out you're still short of what you need. I threw the culm out.   (Ren Monllor)


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