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I am going to point it out again. The fly rod, line, and caster are a "Casting System". One caster likes a rod, another does not. One caster can not cast the rod, another can. Not only is the bamboo a variable, so is the line choice, and obviously the casters physical abilities. In my opinion there is no unique taper design that will satisfy all casters with their physical abilities. Obviously the rod design taper is important, but it is not the be all and end all in my opinion.  (Frank Paul)

    I agree with all your points

    Now in all you say, what is the one part of this system that the maker has total control?

    Someday, if we continue to evolve, someone can walk into a rodmaking studio and walk out with a rod tuned to them. A rod based on the performance criteria put forth by the buyer and further refined by the maker to take into account casting style, personal physic.....

    We are a long way away and will never get there if, maintain that the best rods have already been made. Or throw up our hands and say there's so much i can't control.

    The only control we have is the bamboo on the bench in front of us, variable as it may be. And how pretty the finished product is. (Jerry Foster)

    I come at this from a very different direction than Frank, but his conclusions are exactly the same as mine. There is no Holy Grail, every taper is a compromise. We have been doing this for over 100  years. Rod tapers are skinny at the tip, and fat at the butt. There are only so many ways to get from one end to the other. Tapers have been designed by geniuses, dopes,  crackpots, drunks, and by accident. If the Grail was there, would we not possess it? IMHO, the greatest design aid we have are the taper archives.

    Ray G. I have built one of the Bremond flat stress tapers. It's not my cup of tea, but is very interesting. The taper is steep and the rod is hollow built. It casts sort of the same with a variety of line weights, but you can pick the speed you like by varying line weights.  It's hard to explain that, but the rod flexes the same way all the time, but it flexes more and slower the more you load it.

    NOT tweak a taper?? Sorry, but I reserve that ONLY for Garrison, who I believe to have been one of the geniuses. I can't  believe you posted something that I so totally disagree with.  (Tom Smithwick)


Would a roll cast (spey) best exemplify the power of the spring (mainly)?

Could the arm, body, be considered a series of levers also.

Don't forget timing, coordination, many women, maybe half my size and strength, can outcast me by a long shot. (no pun)  (Jerry Foster)

    I am not sure the roll cast is best in this regard, but this cast is clearly when the rod is used as a elastic member. Just think of using a broom stick to make a roll cast  :-[ .

    When we looked at the human arm we considered only the serial combination of wrist, forearm, upper arm, and the rotational shoulder. We did not consider body motion.

    Oh yes, we all know that many women can be super casters because the issue of timing involves the casting stroke power supplied during the process.  (Frank Paul)


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