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Is there any such thing as a fast 7’6” 2 weight taper?  I was interested in something with a tip hinge ALA the Sir D.  Any suggestions?  (Lee Orr)

    I'm not sure what you mean by a tip hinge, the Sir D Favorite is what some people call "tippy", but that's one aspect that makes it a good dry fly rod. The Sir D does have a "hinge" (for want of a better word) in the butt section to aid in roll casting.

    Are you sure you want a 2 weight? I made a couple 2 weights quite a few years ago and came to conclusion that except in a few specialized conditions anything less than a 3 weight is difficult to cast unless the air is perfectly still. A gentle breeze blows the cast totally away from where you intend it to go. You can power it through like when casting a 5 or 6 weight in a strong wind, but then you negate the reason you wanted to use a 2 weight in the first place, and you end up working harder than if you had a 4 weight.

    I used the 2 weights I made a few times, but when the novelty wore off I found that I prefer the higher weight lines, nothing less than a 4 weight.  (Darryl Hayashida)


I just received a request from a customer for a 2wt 2 piece eight footer. Guy prefers the faster tapers. Any suggestions out there? I don't have any tapers on hand for anything that long.   (Mark Heskett)

    Not to be an a$$ but graphite.

    There was a discussion back awhile about a cut off for where bamboo can be made into a decent fishing tool. I think it was for 8' around a 4wt.

    I know Harry makes an 8' 3wt that people rave about.

    I dunno know I could be wrong about the 2wt.  (Peter McKean)

      Wayne's 7'9" 2/3wt is a sweet rod. Was my favorite for years. Be easy enough to stretch to 8 feet if the guy insists. 3wt for small water, 2 wt for bigger water.  (Mike Shay)

      Longest two weight I make is  7' 9", and I make it in a three piece only.  Beyond that, and it seems to me that you're just lengthening the handle without asking it to contribute to the rod.  (Harry Boyd)

      I have made a couple of three piece 8' two weights and seven 2 piece 6'3" piece 1 wt. I consider them specialty rods but they fish just fine for gills and areas where small trout are the norm. I had the 1 wt at the Catskill Gathering all three years.

      I have taken 68 fish on my 1 wt.. True all were small warm water type. If I would hook a fish I thought I could not handle, I would just point the tip at it and snap the light tippet.  (Tony Spezio)


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