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For my #2 and 3 rods I'm simultaneously building a Driggs and Payne 101. I haven't finished the rods yet, in fact, I just finished putting the ferrules on last night. Other than the fact that they are very similar in length and both two piece rods, the action is completely different. I don't have the guides on yet and I still have a ways to go before I'm completely finished with either, but when I fitted the rods together last night for the first time and whipped them back and forth just to test the feel of each. I was struck by the difference in action.

The 101 is quite stout with a stiff backbone and a soft tip, while the Driggs is quite a bit slower, even whippy. Although I haven't cast either yet with guides and line, but I think I'm going to prefer the 101.

I realize these observations are probably obvious to experienced builders and even some by just looking at the stress curves and tapers on paper. Well, it wasn't clear to me before I started building, but it sure is now. I guess you have to experience these things about rod building before they really hit home. It's true for me anyway. I wonder what other surprises await?  (Mike Ealy)


I was wondering if anyone has made or fished the Garrison 221 taper and if so, what do you think of it. It's an interesting taper, in that, it is very much like a parabolic with an almost flat stress curve. Did Garrison make a parabolic or does it have a some what different action, I wonder ? I am thinking about making it. Also what line size, looks to me to be a 7/8 wt and should cast a fair distance.  (Bob Norwood)

    It's a somewhat slow progressive taper, not a parabolic . The only one I ever cast was built by Jon Parker and was smooth and comfortable to cast. I'm pretty sure it was an 8 weight, and yes, it would cast a long way. I loved it.  (Tom Smithwick)

    I built one years ago and it is one of my favorite rods, it almost cast itself. Flexes into the handle and will cast forever. It is an 8 wt. and I suggest making it hollow.  I hollowed to the very end of the but with a red devil scraper and leaving dams and it broke in the handle after catching a large catfish so it does flex all the way. But I make your tapers hollow and any taper that is over a 6 wt . I have caught bream to 8 pound catfish and works well on both.  Enough flex for small fish and enough strength for large.  (David Ray)


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