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Someone asked me to measure the angle that the blade is set at on my scraper, I must apologize but I inadvertently deleted that email while cleaning out my inbox. Anyway I just measured it and it leans forward 5 degrees from straight up and down or perpendicular.  (Joe Arguello)

    L-N told me last year that they grind a 45° bevel on the 212 irons when they send them out. The angle you set your iron to will depend on what angle you grind your bevel and how deep a cut you are taking. Regardless of what angle you sharpen to, push the forward angle of the iron ahead until it no longer chatters when pushed. Pretty straight forward.

    Oh, and anyone else using one of these things for a door stop let me know. I'll happily send you a big rock in fact, I guarantee it will be at least twice as heavy as that silly can't go wrong!  (Mike Shay)

      I should have added that since the bevel is not the cutting edge, I don't feel that it (the angle) is that critical. A good burr however, is.  (Mike Shay)


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