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Poor man's Grinder

Angle grinder ($16 Chinese) attached to tool post of mini-lathe:

1.  It works.  I was able to rough in one butt plug from 3/4" NS bar in about 25 minutes including set ups.  With traditional tools, the shaft was taking an hour to cut, and parting was being done with vise and hacksaw.

2.  I WILL spend some more time to make a good holding bracket. The mounting screw holes (metric :^( ) help, but hose clamps and angle iron and JB Weld are essential.  I did not weld the bracket directly to the grinder, but I'm considering it.  I was careful and took my time making the cuts.

3.  The grinder vibrates enough to move the adjustments on my carriage.  Maybe I'm set for very light cuts, but everything needs to be locked down.

4.  The edge of my cutting disk is rounded, and dressing it didn't entirely square it up. 

5.  The work piece gets hot.  Don't ask how I learned that.

6.  There is plenty of fine dust.  I had my respirator on and shop vac going.  My dust collector is on order; no more grinding until it arrives.

7.  If the piece wobbles before cut off is complete, it will hit the edge of the wheel and require more finishing time than if you had bent it off.  (Grayson Davis)


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