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I'm in the market for an accurate electronic scale to weigh everything from components to culms.  If that kind of range is a bit large, I'd rather have it accurate at the wee end of the scale .01 grams.  As is usual, accuracy is key.  Any suggestions?  (Leonard Baker)

    Check with your local post office. The one in the tiny little town (population around 400) that I live near has electronic scales for sale. If they do, I feel sure most other PO sell them too. These are new scales, not used ones. They sell them so that people who have mail order businesses can pre weigh stuff at home instead of running to the PO constantly.  (Will Price)

    I picked up a digital postal scale at Costco for about $20.  It won't weigh snake guides but will weigh blanks, reelseat etc...

    I think it's rated to 5 pounds.  (Michael Johnson)

    Harbor Freight has digital scales that will read grains, grams, ounces, for around $12.  (Chris Obuchowski)

    I use a grain scale left over from my reloading days.  There are a ton of them on eBay.  Do a search on "reloading scale."  (Ron Larsen)

    Check out your local gun store/super store. They sell wonderful little digital scales for reloading ammo. I picked up a nice one for under $100 that reads in 1/10's of a grain. Great for all kinds of uses. (Barry Janzen)


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