I have one that has me baffled. Not that it takes all that much. I sealed my wraps with two coats of thinned varnish. Then applied a final coat of straight varnish and left to dry in the rod turner. There were no bubbles present in the final coat. Just clear sheets of varnish. Left it overnight to dry. Next day there were bubbles in several of the wraps. Large ones. This has happened twice now. Anyone experienced this? Solutions?  (Wayne Kifer)

Sounds like your bubbles are caused by the VOC's boiling off.

Put one or two thinned coats on and let it dry several hours to a day. Followed by another thinned coat ever 4 to 6 hours. (maybe 6 to 8 layers). One unthinned coat to fill the gaps and sand. One final coat before dipping, dripping, brushing, spraying. Sand.

At no time is it necessary to use a rod turner, unless you use it as a wrapping machine. The varnish should never be thick enough to run. Tedious...yes. Did anyone tell you there was a painless way to make rods? (Jerry Foster)


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