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I am Rick Barbato from Erie PA. I caught my first fish on a fly when I was thirteen.  The year was 1966.  I was young and impressionable and I can tell you it left an impression.  In 1971, I built my first rod. It was made of fiberglass. In the 80’s, I purchased my first graphite rod. But by late 90’s, I decided get back to the basics and build my own rods again. It was while researching books on rod building that I ran across one on bamboo. While I am not a woodworker or machinist by trade, I have always liked making things. After reading the book, I thought perhaps I could make a usable bamboo rod. It wasn’t until I met a rod maker that I decided to try it myself.  With his encouragement and help, in 2005 I began constructing all of the tools that I could (forms, binder, oven etc.) and my first bamboo rod. I joined the list around this time and have been enlightened, encouraged with the information and the willingness to help that is second to none. I am finishing my 11th rod and I must say I enjoy whole the process from the splitting of the cane to fishing the finished rod. But it is the fishing that makes the 40 - 50 hours it takes to make a rod - worth it!  I started out just to make a few rods to have as another fishing tool but find myself not using my graphite rods because I love the way cane feels and fishes but you guys already knew that!!

If you are from the northwest Pa area and would like to talk rods or fish feel free to contact me.

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