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Mike Biondo here, AKA RODMAKERS Listguy / List Janitor writing from the USA's navel, St. Louis, MO and more recently from the Missouri Ozarks.

Not a whole lot interesting about me, but with all the new names I thought I would throw out a little history of how the RODMAKERS list got started, and some about the early days of the list.

My first exposure to flyfishing  (except  for  reading Field & Stream  :-)  was when a family friend gave me an old cane fly rod with  a  broken  tip.   I  later  pester  my  parents  for  a real fly of those PLASTIC flyrods!  But, I somehow never forgot that first cane rod. Flash forward many years to 1995...I am a daily reader of the FLYFISH@ email list, and I get this hankering for a cane fly rod.  Knowing I could never afford to buy one, I decide what-the-hell, I'll make one!  Wayne Cattenach also happened to be frequenting the FLYFISH@ list at that time, so I decided to start pestering Wayne on what I needed to do to build my own fly rod.

After a few conversations with Wayne, I got thinking that it would great if there was an email list similar to FLYFISH@ devoted just to rodmaking.  Fortunately at the time, I had the resources to host an email list through my then employer, Washington University in St. Louis.  (Well, it really wasn't something they actually knew about at the time!  ;-)  )so I threw the idea of a RODMAKERS email list past Wayne.  He was enthusiastic about the idea and volunteered to help, and field questions from the membership.

And so on Friday the 13th of January, 1995 (hmmm...Friday the 13th  :-)  ) with the following email to the FLYFISH@ list, the RODMAKERS list was created:


Rodmakers Email List

Date: Fri, 13 Jan 1995 10:19:29 CST

Reply-To: Fly Fishing Digest

Sender: Fly Fishing Digest

From: Michael Biondo

I would like to announce a new email list. The list's main emphasis will on bamboo rodmaking.

As I am about to embark upon the making of my first bamboo flyrod, I thought that it would really be great to be able to talk about this stuff with hopefully, others who have madetheir own rods, and others that may want to some day.

I kicked the idea around with a few folks on this list, and also with Wayne Cattanach. For those that might not know, Wayne is the author of 'Handcrafting Bamboo Flyrods'. In my opinion, an excellent book on the subject. Wayne has most graciously agreed to answer questions, and give whatever assistance possible, to any of us that may be encountering problems.

So there you have it. If you have made a bamboo rod in the past, or perhaps would like to, or would just like to find out a little more about it, please feel free to subscribe.

To start with, the list will be a simple mail alias...nothing fancy, no archives, or any of usual listserv type stuff.

To subscribe/signoff/etc. send mail to:

and I will be most happy to add your name to the list.

To send mail to the list, mail to:

Hope to see you there...

Mike Biondo

St. Louis, MO

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And the rest, as they say, is history...

Mike Biondo


PS:  Here's a blast from the past...the RODMAKERS membership list from ../95, pretty much in the order that I received their emails requesting to be added to the list:

(Mike Biondo)
(Wayne Cattanach)
(Kevin Van Doren)
(Richard S. Miyara)
(Stefan Tritscher)
(Frank Stetzer)
(reed curry)
(Peter Just)
(Danny Walls)
(Gary L. Young)
(Steve Robbins)
(Len Gorney)
(Joel Dunn)
(Mike Ells)
(Gene Holowachuk)
(Mark Hale)
(Mike Livingston)
(Richard Johnson)
(Grayson Davis)
(Dave Engerbretson)
(Tim Harris)
(Erik Brunvand)
(Carl Fung)
(Bob Joyce)
(Joe Talbot)
(Robert Heller)
(Brian Fisher)
(Lyman Hughes)
(Ted Rosenkrantz)
(Kathleen Marie Bacus)
(John Carter)
(Paul Urban)
(David A. Hood)
(Phil Plumbo)
(Donald Phillipson)
(Terje Tveras)
(Ron Ricketts)
(Greg Hoffman)
(Leon Gyles)
(Marlene Osborn)
(Chris Bogart)
(Bruce Thorpe)
(John B. Friedman)
(Ken Rongey)
(Reed Curry)
(Jed Dempsey)
(Ted Rosenkrantz)
(David N. Katz)

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