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Well, I'm the newest of the group I guess, being on here only a few months and still a virgin.... Rodmaking that is.

Like Jean Claude Lebraud in France and echoing David Bolin's comment that there is a mysterious connection between music and rodmaking, I am also an amateur luthier and woodworker.  My lutherie workshop got so crowded I could not operate efficiently, so needed some more room (who doesn't?)  for more equipment  {8^) .  Also, on my property there was a "tack" room but no horses, as the Black Angus take up the pastures. I have been involved in closing up and fixing up the tack room with the help of many people and over a long time.  It is getting pretty close to finished (or at least presentable) and I am glad I'm almost there, since I want to have "old poops", Dave Wallace ( just up the road in Greenville, SC - I live in Anderson, SC), and his buddy down to see, comment and maybe have a good meal.

Having read many of the books and blogs (thanks to all) I am in the process of building forms and acquiring various pieces of equipment, although I have many of the major woodworking tools.

Like many here, I have a good education (Ph.D Physical Chemistry, and an M.B.A.) and have traveled the world for business and pleasure, until 16 years ago when I came down with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and spent my time sitting in a chair.  Fortunately, some of the newest medicines make it possible to live pain-free and move around.  What a blessing!

Great meeting and getting to know such a fine group of  gentlemen and listen to the banter and experienced advice.

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