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My hope is for someday to give back to the rod making community at least as much as I have received, and preferably so much more. I have met some very interesting people on this journey and proud to be a part of this community.

My name is Wayne Caron, I’m 47 years old and I was brand new to rod making when I stumbled into George Barnes’ rod shop 10 years ago. I had known George all of my life. I grew up less than a mile from his house. I went to school with his kids. My father and George worked together.

I knew George made bamboo fly rods and I thought it would be cool to try making one for myself with his assistance. I had done some freshwater fishing in the past but my favorite was saltwater fishing….until I met George. In the few short years that we worked side by side at the shop, I learned a lot from that man… I fell in love with fly fishing, rod making, I finally understood US history, I learned patience, I learned that one square on a paper towel roll was really 4. I learned how to sharpen a card scraper well enough to shave a thickness of wood that you could see through, I learned to how make tools instead of buying them... even if it did cost more. The bond that we had formed was bullet proof.

When George passed on, he made sure his tools were in the hands of someone that would carry on one his favorite passions. I will gladly help anyone, in any way that I can, who wants to learn the craft of making a bamboo fly rod. 

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