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My name is John Channer and I'm an (oops, wrong intro). Anyway (no, I'm not really) I've been here since either the day before or the day after Harry joined back in nineteen hundred and ninety seven, I forget which, and have been here every day since. This list is one of the better parts of the day, it's nice to sit down when I get home from work and see what's new in the bamboo world. Harry and most of the guys who joined the same era we did have long passed me up in numbers of rods built, tho I'm working on #75 now and I'm pleased with that, I've also had to work full time+ all these years doing carpentry and concrete building custom homes and have not gotten any younger doing it. I also consider myself fortunate to live in Durango, CO, which is a darn fine place to be,  lots of streams and rivers with trout in them, not too crowded, unless you're on the San Juan, and a pleasant climate for a place with four seasons.  I got into bamboo rods at a flea market back in Illinois where we lived until '95. I saw a Heddon that was all there, but needed some help and it cost just what I had in my pocket, musta been kismet. From there it wasn't long until I began hanging around fly shops and noticed that there were actually books on making these things. I bought the books back there, but didn't get it together to make the rods until we moved here to Durango. Thanks to all my friends here who have contributed so much to my life since then.

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