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I'm Rick Crenshaw.  I'm a hack fisherman, hack bamboo flyrod maker, hack bluegrass guitar and mandolin maker/player.  I've been surprised by the number of musician/luthiers on the list, but I guess I shouldn't be.

Been on the list about the same time Harry joined.  Made my first fly rod with no help other than an encouraging word from the list.  In the time that I've made 20 something rods, Harry's probably made 200.  I'm pretty busy either picking or fishing.  I make rods when I can't fish or pick.

My grandad taught my to cast a fly rod (an old Edwards made 9' 3pc 5wt - though actually it had a old silk line on it).  That was when I was 10 or 11.

At age 52 I can say that my wife married the most jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none that she could find.  Pity her... 27 years worth.  My claim to fame is that I make the ugliest rod on the racks at the gatherings.  My special gift is that few people enjoy life more than I... maybe there are those who are my equal, but hard to beat me at this particular skill.  I make an ugly instrument too.   Oh... and I eat grits regularly.  Plus I know what real BBQ is and eat the right kind.  I hope to meet you all one day.. on the river at a gathering near you... or late at night drinking scotch and picking guitar or mandolin.

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