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I'm Matt, residing in South Wales UK, always have, maybe I always will? we have plenty of trout & grayling waters round here to fish so no need to up & leave .... I’ve just turned 30 and have more or less been fascinated with "Trout Craft" so to say ever since I picked up a fly rod when I was maybe 11....  Had fished for perch etc before that but fly fishing was the fascinator for me...   Saw my first trout stuck in a lemonade bottle in a stream I still fish to this day, that was my first Release of a wild fish, but it was in the bottle when we found it so I take no credit of the catch ha ha ha..

I've have had a big fancy for little brook wands very simply dressed for a long while but it is only now that I have almost completed the tools list in order to get cracking on my own wands, and, like a lot of us do, I kick myself for not getting and doing this 10 or so years ago....

I've dabbled with 2 Strip quads, caught fish on them and am looking forwards to crafting the hex....

Biggest inspirations for me in the bamboo world would have to be Bjarne Fries & Marcelo Calviello hands down for their Thinking out side the box & unique style they both have brought to the wonderful world of bamboo fly fishing rods Kudos to you both.. I have been reading Mr Fries articles on FIBH and am still getting fuzzy brained... Only time and practice will settle my mind, or make me insane?

I actually appreciate any and all bamboo flyrods by all builders as we are all sharing the same interest & there is something to learn from each and every one of us & our rods..

Anyone from the South of Wales Uk please do get in touch as Ive not heard of anyone near by that is hand crafting bamboo rods but I sure as hell bet there is someone on the list??

Thanks to the creators of this list and to all who post, sharing freely information & techniques they may have strived to get them selves...  I hope at some point I too will be able to give some knowledge to those starting out in the same way.. I will learn from those that have been in the game for longer than i have been alive....

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