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I am George Deagle, very much a beginner, who is slowly working my way through making a cane rod for each of my 5 children; Two completed so far (rods, that is!).

I have benefited from generous advice which list members have shared and appreciate the varied backgrounds and perspectives. If you weren't familiar with rod making, it would be hard to believe the complexity and skills required to practice this craft.

I live in northern B.C. on the bank of the Bulkley River, about a mile upstream of where it dumps into the Skeena. My neighbor Bob Clay has been a terrific mentor and support. He lives on the Kispiox, so our fishing is usually for steelhead and salmon. It is my experience that cane rods are entirely adequate for these fish, and it sure is fun if the unpretentious fly is outperforming the flashy lures that the fellow just downstream is using.

Bob is making a series of spey rods and has presented at Corbett Lake gathering on his wide experience with these challenging rods. One of his clients christened a brand new spey rod this summer by catching a 43 in. steelhead on the first trip out to the Kispiox. I christened my "Canadian Canoe" by hooking a 3 in. salmon smolt; oh well!

My other vices include decoy carving, attempts at mandolin pickin' and am currently "renovating" an older house, with much more time on rebuilding a workshop than time building rods. Hope that changes real soon!

A note about preachers; never tell a preacher where you caught a big trout! When about 10 years old, I made the mistake of telling our preacher  that I had caught a big brook trout in the creek behind our farm. He asked me exactly where the fish had been, so I carefully described the bend beside the big maple, with the undercut bank. I soon found out what preachers do after church. Good thing I had gotten back to the creek first!

Thanks again to everyone for all the ideas and advice. Perhaps one day I will be able to pay it forward, when there is a bit more experience under my belt.

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