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I’m Pete from the central coast of California.  Built my first fly rod probably 25 years ago.  Didn't do much with building until I joined the Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club.  They offer a great rod building class, so I took it as a refresher.  Got me started again.  Wasn't really challenged building plastic rods.  Started doing Boo and the rest is history.  Mike St. Clair of St. Clair & Hynes has been my main Sensei.  He finally told me to quit yacking about building Boo and just do it.  That being said I can't thank the list enough for all the support and advice I have received.  You just keep feeding the addiction.

Recently started Renaissance Rods.  I build custom Bamboo, Fiberglass and Graphite fly rods.  And yes, I listed them in order of my preference.  My build style can probably be considered more of a traditional look.  Love Bamboo rods.  Every rod develops its own personality.  Can't say that for plastic rods.  I guess glass is a close second for having a personality.

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